The KraftPal Turnkey License

A complete package for your local corrugated pallet business.

The KraftPal License

The Business Model and Ownership Structure

While straight-forward royalty model enables hassle-free and transparent relationship between the licensee and KraftPal we are proposing two ownership structure alternatives:

A 100% local single or multi-partner investment and ownership of the licensee available in all regions except European Union and North America
A joint venture and shared ownership between local partner(s) and KraftPal

Advantages & Benefits

All-in-one Turnkey solution

The KraftPal Turnkey License comes as a complete package that includes proven technical, commercial, financial, and legal frameworks, as well as the critical technical infrastructure required to operate a successful corrugated cardboard pallet business.

Proven track-record

Extensive license implementation experience and market presence in Central Europe and Middle East give KraftPal a market-leading advantage when it comes to establishing and operating a new production site quickly and efficiently, while minimizing risks and overcoming obstacles related to local requirements.

Team Approach

Our dedicated team of license deployment experts will guide you through every step of the process until you succeed. Working together with your team at every stage they will help you identify, plan, and execute the most appropriate approach for your local corrugated business, considering any constraints along the way.

Shared objectives

KraftPal's success lies in the hands of its licensee network, perfectly aligning our shared goal of selling unprecedented volumes of sustainable corrugated pallets in your target region. For this reason, KraftPal will continue to support our joint pursuit of excellence and market-leading positions in every way possible, even with a new licensee production facility already in operation.

The Licensee Roadmap

1Introduction & Legal Set up

In this phase, everything related to becoming a KraftPal licensee is properly introduced through the exchange of documents and a video call to explore the scope of the deal and sign the NDA. This phase is followed by a physical visit to KraftPal's flagship manufacturing facility in Austria, where all aspects of the business, including the financial business plan, are presented to the licensee candidate. Through several steps, the candidate is able to identify and discuss all critical points (e.g. financial structure, product portfolio and machine layout) of the future business, which will be considered in the binding term sheet, followed by the signing of the official licensee agreement and the machine agreement.


This phase includes all the project implementation processes required for the production and installation of the machine at the production site, as well as for the establishment of a network of suppliers for raw materials and machine spare parts. In parallel, the marketing and sales infrastructure is set up. The phase includes training of key employees, including machine operators and technicians, as well as management and sales staff.


At this stage, the machine is already installed at the production site and ready for fine-tuning and production optimization before the production speed is ramped up, while the licensee's employees are ready to operate the machine independently. On the marketing and sales side, a strong coordinated effort is made to increase regional awareness and appeal to target audiences.

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