KraftPal Technologies have developed proprietary technologies for both corrugated cardboard pallets and production process. Pallet designs meet international logistics standards as for wooden pallets in regards to performance characteristics. An automated mass-production manufacturing process integrates all developed pallet designs. By managing global expansion of critical business operations KraftPal plans to provide technical and commercial support to clients across the globe, locally!

Message from CEO

The Kraftpal project was designed around the idea of “disruptive technology” projects, where developed technologies open opportunities for swift market penetration globally and extreme scalable business.

It is known from early years after the 2nd World war that a corrugated pallet is needed for the paper and corrugated cardboard industry for transcendental transformation in both profitability and size. Huge effort and resources have been spent to date mainly from the corrugated cardboard industry to overcome this hurdle without success.

Kraftpal always believed three elements were missing in the quest for corrugated cardboard pallets apart from deficient product models; timing, business model and product designs that will allow mass production on a larger scale.

Today, we are proud that we overcame all those hurdles and secured our spot as a world leading company with ability to accelerate supply chain transition to environmentally sustainable solutions. We are keen on pursuing our mission, providing environmentally friendly & innovative cardboard pallet solutions to disrupt the global supply chain. One pallet at a time.

We keep our values of ethics, accountability and responsibility towards our ecosystem together with a company culture built around the respect of each other and the trust of our working force.

Sincerely Yours

Gregor Brajovic
CEO of KraftPal Ltd.

Corporate Mission

Provide environmentally friendly & innovative cardboard pallet solutions to disrupt the global supply chain. One pallet at a time.


Accelerate world`s transition to carbon neutrality and create the most compelling pallet company of the 21st century.


KraftPal® is a worldwide registered trademark.

Intellectual Property

  • Trademark (WIPO, OHIM)
  • Utility Models (OHIM)
  • Patents (WIPO)
  • Copyrights (machinery, products)
  • Blueprints (machinery)
  • Know-how

Leadership & Governance

Gregor Brajovic
Chief Executive Officer
As a fully qualified lawyer having practised professionally in Europe, USA, Africa and Asia, Gregor has acquired an in-depth knowledge of corporate set-ups in connection to Disruptive Technology Projects, International Corporate and Tax Laws. Gregor has equally acquired extensive experience in compliance, audits, strategic legal due-diligence and negotiations within the Investment Industry.
David Desy
Chief Operating Officer
Coming from professional sport, an extremely talented Project Manager Officer with exceptional skills at selling a company’s products and services, utilizing effective and innovative marketing methods and resources. Amicable and enthusiastic approach and excellent pitching clearly delineates why a customer should invest in our products. Accomplished at reaching assigned targets through variety of skills, such as relationship management, exceptional network of business contacts and clients, maintaining a detailed knowledge of the marketplace and always in search for new improvements.
Tomaz Velecic
Chief Technology Officer
In 2011, Tomaz joined KraftPal as an R&D Engineer for the company. In 2017, he got promoted to CTO of KraftPal. Tomaz pioneered and was one of the cornerstones in the rapid and successful development of the KraftPal project. In the early days, he focused on workflow improvements and the development of the product line. Additionally, Tomaz has proven his skills in computer science to overview KraftPal operations leading to the development of our custom-built corrugated pallets on the global scene, important improvement milestones.
Peter Frelih
Business Development Officer
Peter brings valuable experience in corporate business development and sales marketplace. His vast experience in development of corporate brand has helped his family companies, start-ups and well tenured companies to grow their brand both nationally and internationally. Focused on sustainable value creation and ROI helped him to develop very powerful business network, including establishment of international credibility in high level business requirements.

Board of Directors

Gregor Brajovic, Igor Angelovski, James Clarke


21.12.2012 The Corrugated Pallet Project starts in Maribor, Slovenia
After initial traction on the US market with so-called “M” corrugated pallet under the company name PalletKraft, Mike Olvey and Gregor Brajovic seize the opportunity to start test phase of the market in the EU. The first challenge met was the inability of the M pallet to fit in the international supply chain due to lack of performance in several fields. Nevertheless, project continues in pursue to gather as much market insights as possible for validation if product need to stay in nis markets or it is possible to build it up towards mass market application/s.
01.02.2013 The first Pilot Production Unit in Slovenia, EU
The initial R&D Centre in Limbuš (industrial zone near Maribor), Slovenia, ending with the implementation of the first production unit on site. PalletKraft is now capable of constant enhancement of the product designs and production processes. PalletKraft engineering is now set for introductory R&D phase.
13.11.2013 Kuehne & Nagel signs a partnership with PalletKraft Slovenia
PalletKraft initiated its first commercial step in the Central European market and proudly signs a partnership with the known giant in logistics, Kuehne & Nagel. First pallets delivered will fly mostly to US market from Ljubljana Airport.
27.04.2015 PalletKraft Pilot plant in Belgium
Along with a strong head start on the Central European market, the first license was granted to PalletKraft Belgium enabling to produce up to 1.5 Million PK corrugated pallets on a fully automated production unit in Mechelen, Belgium. From this unit, pool of appx. 200 MIL EUR1 pallets market can be served.
25.09.2015 PalletKraft Belgium Startup of the Year 2015
10.01.2015 Mr. Colin J. Williams and James R. Keller becomes Senior Advisor for PalletKraft
On the verge of a successful start on the EU market, Mr. Colin Williams and James R. Keller agreed to join the PalletKraft team adding their well recognized international experience in the cardboard industry as well as their proven skills in global business development. Focus of the company stays within EU market but project development efforts will soon start also on US market.
20.02.2016 Global Brands test and use PalletKraft Corrugated Pallet
In the course of the initial development of the project in Slovenia (Central EU) and intense efforts on Western EU market, more than 200 global and known local companies from different industries have successfully tested and used the PalletKraft corrugated pallets.
15.1.2016 KraftPal Ltd enrolls PalletKraft brand
KraftPal Ltd becomes the mother company enrolling Palletkraft brand name. The new brand name KraftPal will be used for local units build in different markets bearing the naming of KraftPal and the country name of the establishment, i.e., KraftPal Austria, KraftPal Finland.
30.6.2016 KraftPal moves to a new R&D Center
The new Research & Development Centre is based in Ruše, Slovenia. The facility of 30.000 m2 offers the comfort needed for the next step of the company development situated in the middle of a picturesque environment ideal to welcome our international partners and clients as well as our devoted KraftPal team.
23.1.2017 The X-Pallet concept. A revolution in the pallet industry tested & approved by NEFAB
After months of research in the KraftPal R&D center, the X-Pallet concept was born. A total game-changer for the corrugated cardboard pallet industry as the X-Pallet meets international logistics regulations as for wooden pallets in the supply chain such as open edge racking, chain conveyors and heavy load transportation. The X-Pallet concept is patented globally (WIPO) after being tested and approved into the NEFAB certification center in the Netherlands. The entire standard and customized KraftPal’s pallets are built around the X concept.
15.4.2017 The AF-1 pallet. A unique Airfreight pallet developed with DHL
In collaboration with DHL, we have developed a revolutionary Airfreight pallet for ULD 7 platforms in compliance with the most stringent criteria of the Airfreight industries. The AF-1 pallet is fully integrated into our automated mass-production line.
27.7.2017 The Display Pallet. From production sites directly to retail stores
If there is one pallet to be staged as a new-to-world pallet in our product line, it is the Display Pallet. The idea behind the concept is to replace the bottom of shelves in retail stores or replace TRDU pallets. After production, stocked products in boxes can be transported directly to retail stores avoiding changes of pallets or handy make-up at the bottom of pallets for fashion reasons. This fit-in solution is cost-effective while giving undeniable marketing upside.
1.9.2017 KraftPal promotes Tomaz Velecic and David Desy as CTO and COO
The company has decided to upgrade its executive management team due to its international expansion and welcome David Desy has a part of the organization as the Chief Operational Officer. Following this announcement, Tomaz Velecic accepts the role of Chief Technical Officer as he has been a key asset from the early stage of the project, he will supervise the entire technical department in the R&D process.
22.6.2018 KraftPal’s pilot plant to relocate in Graz, Austria
KraftPal management has come to terms with private investors to locate the next local production unit in Graz, Austria. This decision was backed by months of research on the market. The Palletonator 3003X (Fully Automated mass-production line) upgrades will be held in the facility of SMM d.o.o, the official KraftPal manufacturing partner in Maribor, Slovenia.
23.2.2019 The KraftPal Austria Project
KraftPal Austria is located in the industrial zone of St Margarethen at Raab at 20 mins north of Graz. The well-designed facility offers a comfortable 2000 m2 for offices, production, and storage space to serve our local and cross-border clients the best way possible.
12.4.2019 The KraftPal Finland Project
We are proud to announce that we have started the collaboration with Martin Wichmann and Jarmo Palukka to establish a production unit in Helsinki, Finland.
18.12.2019 KraftPal License Agreement Signed
Signing licensing agreement with our partner ISOL (Industrial Services On Lines Co Ltd). The exclusive partnership will cover the GCC region including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain.
9.10.2020 KraftPal wins Austrian GreenStar Award
18.1.2021 KraftPal declared winner by World Packaging Organization
Following the win at the Green Start Packaging award in Austria, Kraftpal continues to conquer the accolades and expert praises at the World’s stage by winning the WorldStar Award among 345 packaging projects, from 35 countries, that applied for WorldStar Awards 2021.
2.8.2021 KraftPal enters Pharmaceutical industry
Upon successfully completing trials with some of the largest pharmaceutical corporations in the World KraftPal enters talks for long-term partnership and supply to various production sites in Central Europe.
4.10.2021 KraftPal featured in WPO’s global awards winner showcase at PACK EXPO Las Vegas
After winning the Global Star Award in the Transit category and the Bronze Award in the Sustainability KraftPal was invited by the World Packaging Organization to feature in privileged companies at the largest packaging trade show in North America - Pack Expo Las Vegas.
22.10.2021 New Generation Palletonator Development
With innovation at the heart of KraftPal’s operations, the company continues to work on its next-generation pallet production line by employing new state-of-the-art technology and industry 4.0 principles.
19.12.2021 KraftPal Saudi Arabia is launched
After successful market development and various trials in the region, KraftPal has opened its first manufacturing facility in the Middle East. Aiming to deploy 23 additional production machines at 3 strategic locations in Saudi Arabia, KraftPal has drawn up plans to launch the first mega factory concept in the pallet industry to meet the high demand in the region. Construction work on the first 60,000 m2 plant is already underway.
21.02.2022 KraftPal Technologies raises US$123.9 million from Pasaca Capital
KraftPal Technologies (KraftPal) announced today a US$123.9 million equity investment from Pasaca Capital Inc. (Pasaca), a California-based private equity firm.